Shoeaholics Rebrand



For this project I worked closely with the UX Designer at Shoeaholics, using the data provided from our customers I designed a new look & feel for the brand. I designed a style guide and softly launched all online and offline assets to match the new brand identity. Some key factors from the data were:

  • Our customers did not like the colour orange, this was our brand colour. The highest rated colour for our customer group was blue. I spent a long time picking the perfect blue tone to compliment the Shoeaholics identity.

  • Our customers thought our design approach was too busy and hard to understand. I stripped back the designs to only include key information. Myself and the marketing team worked together to create complimentary photo shoots that were not as cluttered and slightly more minimal.

Taking all the main points above into consideration I created the mock ups below. Once we launched the new assets we saw an increase in sales and as a team we reached every single sales target for that year!